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Golden Hour

Feb 29, 2024

When is that time in your day that things are somewhat settled or … dare I say it… quiet?
Will Parker on his ‘Principal Matters’ podcast talked about this when he spoke about golden hour.

Students are in class
Lessons have started
Teachers are teaching
There is no one in trouble for a playground issue
Parents aren’t calling to complain
No one has wet their pants, vomited, spilled their lunch or launched into a full meltdown

Ahhhh…. It doesn’t last for long and for me this time is usually around 9:30am. It is
delightful and it is the time I engage in some deep work, with a fresh coffee and a knowing sigh that the enjoyment is short lived, fleeting and appreciated.

Sure enough within 10 minutes there is a blocked toilet, a child who has misbehaved in class, a parent who is ringing about an issue, a teacher who has to go home because their child is sick or a combination of all of the above.

Rather than measuring your days in disaster to disaster, appreciate the ‘golden hour’. When was that moment that you walked past the classrooms and thought ‘Isn’t this great?!” or made it back to your office and had 10 min to address some work?


These moments my friend, are the golden moments of the golden hour. Your head hasn't been completely clogged with information or to-do lists or panic or mental task sheets. You can truly enjoy the moment and think 'how good is this?!' It is a moment where you can pause and listen and think 'What's that sound?' and hear nothing in return. A golden hour is not a complete hour but the hour where you find these moments. As mentioned earlier, for me it's usually around 9:30am. Sometimes it's a Friday afternoon after the kids have gone home for the week, before I visit the finance department for the weekly run through - there is a peaceful lull, nearly like a pause to catch your breath.That is a golden moment in the golden hour.

This week see if you can track your golden hour. If you can't, it's time to look at what is going on in your week. If you can find your golden hour and golden moment within that hour, treasure it. Don’t take it for granted and don't feel guilty for taking it. There are enough tarnished, dark and dull moments in our world that it's important to take a moment to enjoy the golden moment.


Shine on!


Anne-Marie :)

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