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We are Human

Feb 22, 2024

The child losing their mind because they don’t want to leave mum.
The parent who is angry because their child is being picked on.
The graduate who is struggling with their class and the expectations.
The return to work staff member facing their class after a night with a sick baby.
The new school leader who hasn’t worked out the balance just yet.
The child refusing to go to school.
The secretary caring for their parent who is battling dementia.

We are human – We have lives, we have challenges. On any given day we are the 10% above the surface trying to hold the 90% together underneath.

This is so important to remember when we go to make assumptions about people we are interacting with. That staff member who blows their stack about the photo copier being broken ... we’ve all been there. We know that it's never really about Tray 3 being out of A4 paper is it? 

We have taken a deep breath when we see 'that' parent charging across the playground making a beeline for us. We have all said in our minds ‘Oh man, here we go again!’ when Mrs Jones asks for just a moment of your time... for the fifth time in a  week. We have all avoided that staff member who responds to 'How are you?' with 'Well...' and launches into a huge drama-filled story about their family.
Just as we hope people understand that we are human, let’s extend that courtesy to others in our world - children, parents, colleagues.

It’s okay to be human. ........   It’s human to be human.
Just remember to model this when you are meeting with parents regarding a student or
agreeing to meet with the staff member that you feel that you have spoken to 100 times in the past 3 weeks about the same issue. See the person behind the problem. Give them a moment to talk it through. Ask the question 'Are you okay?' and actually listen to the response they give and the response they might not give.

We are human and this is our life. Just as we only see the 10% of a person's surface, they only see 10% of ours. Be kind. Be polite. Be professional. Offer help and encourage support seeking. A chocolate or a post-it note with a smile and a 'thought you might need this' can be a small kind gesture left on a colleague's desk. An email to a parent acknowledging the hard road they are on and that you can see that they are trying. Catching a student in the hallway and telling them you're proud of them or saying it's good to see them and meaning it. All these things show that you are human and you recognise that they are human too.

At the end of the day, you might not be able to solve someone's problem but you can provide a human touch and a compassionate ear - both of which make a world of difference when you're barely holding the 90% together whilst giving a 10% smile on top.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead,


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