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Lead Through Who You Are

Feb 27, 2024

'Lead through who you are'. I believe it was the amazing Brene Brown who shared this statement.

To lead through who you are, you need to know who you are.
Often it will be asked in interviews and conversations ‘What kind of leader are you?’
Honestly, it depends on the situation. When leading through who you are, you can slightly adjust the leadership that is needed in the situation you have.
As a new leader, it can be tempted to emulate the leaders you have seen before. Whilst this is okay, it’s not you. You can learn from others, but at the end of the day, you need to be who you are.

So who are you?

For me, I took a while to work out who I am as a leader  and as a person but I must admit I am very comfortable with who I am.

I believe I am the following:
 Practical
 Organised
 Bit of a cynic
 Also a bit of a dreamer
 Innovative
 Nerd
 Positive
 ‘What needs to be done?’ attitude
 Get it done attitude
 Compassionate
 Overthinker masking as an underthinker

As you read through the list you might think that some of the qualities contradict the other qualities. Yeah, they do. That’s because I am human.

I am who I am.

I can be compassionate but I also believe the most compassionate thing you can do is be honest which can be brutal.

I can be practical but I can also come up with some seriously random ideas and say ‘Let’s give it a go’ when others might want to play it safe.

I can be someone who acts tough and says ‘this is how we are doing it’ with confidence but then play the conversation in my mind 476 times over the next hour.

I can be a learning nerd and be desperate for the next episode of Vanderpump Rules.

There is only one of you and there is only one of me. It’s okay to be complex. Weird,
complicated and polarising. The thing is, you are who you are.

At the end of the day, even though you might try to be a certain ‘type’ it won't really last. You will ultimately lead through the lens of who you are whether you like it or not.
Own it and know that your insight, perspective and wisdom adds to the value of those
around you.

Never forget that there is only one of you, here and now. You are valued, you matter and you are the best at being you.

Lead through you because who you are is a gift.


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