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Hey Hands Up is dedicated to celebrating teachers and supporting school leaders to grow in their role and love the work they do

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My name is Anne-Marie and I have worked in schools for over 25 years. I have been a classroom teacher and school leader across a range of schools in Australia. Currently I am a school principal in Brisbane.


I truly believe working in education is an amazing gift and I feel compelled to advocate for our profession. The stories, reflections and products on offer through Hey Hands Up aim to help teachers and school leaders feel supported and inspired in this incredible profession. It's time to raise our hands and say to the world 

'Hey there, I'm an educator!'

Mindset Wellbeing Growth






Learn from my mistakes, insights and personal reflections and build your capacity in the space of mindset, wellbeing and growth. Whilst I don't claim to have all the answers I am keen to share what has helped me find the balance, get a grip and sustain in this incredible profession for over two decades. 



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"Anne-Marie's enthusiasm for education is innate. She is always curious about the changing landscape of education, striving to build a school culture that embraces change whilst honoring wisdom and experience."

Kate Wright

"I have had many educational conversations with Anne-Marie over the years which have guided my teaching practice, decision making and career path. She is so approachable and knowledgeable with a warm, balanced, open heart and mind."

Cassandra Elliott
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