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To create a culture of respect and value for the teaching profession, we must start with the way we speak about our profession. As educators, we must take responsibility for what we say and how we say it.


Being an educator is the most fantastic, fun and interesting job in the world! Every job has a level of stress and everyone can have bad days in a job they love. When we view challenges as opportunities for growth, our mindset changes for the better.


Each person is in control of their own thoughts, actions, and beliefs. It's time to take charge of our mindset, wellbeing and happiness. Stop blaming and start claiming our ability to manage our chosen profession. 

Hey there!


My name is Anne-Marie. I am a teacher, Primary School Principal, Pilates enthusiast, Cavoodle mum and coffee addict

And I love working in schools.

Having worked in schools for over 25 years I have seen first hand the incredible difference our educators make in the lives of students. So why is teaching getting such a bad wrap? I felt compelled to do something to celebrate teachers, support school leaders and let the world know that teaching is a wonderful profession. 

Through the range of resources on this site I aim to share ideas, provide insights and give advice to support our educators wherever they are on their journey. It's time to raise our profile, build our capacity, put our hands up in the air and say 'Hey, I'm an educator!'




The youngest child and only daughter in a large Catholic family, I had a wonderful childhood. Growing up on a farm with my six brothers, there was always something to do and someone to play with. I didn't think too much about what I wanted to do when I finished school. 

As high school was coming to an end and I was realising my hopes of being a famous actor were somewhat absurd, I started thinking about teaching as a possible profession. Truth be known, I just wanted to go to university so I didn't have to face the big bad world for another few years!

Since starting my teaching career in country New South Wales, I have had the most  wonderful opportunities through being a teacher. I've had an ocean view from my classroom in Sydney, been on playground duty in the Canadian snow, presented a lecture to 200 students studying teaching and worked with hundreds, if not thousands of students, staff and families.

I feel it's part of my legacy as an educator to advocate for the profession. It's time to let people know that being a teacher and school leader is the most rewarding, challenging and fun job in the world... and we get paid to do it!

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"Anne-Marie's enthusiasm for education is innate. She is always curious about the changing landscape of education, striving to build a school culture that embraces change whilst honoring wisdom and experience."

Kate Wright

"I have had many educational conversations with Anne-Marie over the years which have guided my teaching practice, decision making and career path. She is so approachable and knowledgeable with a warm, balanced, open heart and mind."

Cassandra Elliott